Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit Review – Is It a Good Betta Fish Tank?

You love your fish friends and want to keep them in a safe and beautiful place where they can swim around happily and thrive in all their colorful glory. You want to know if the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit is the right new home for your darling and if it makes a good betta fish tank.

We’ve got you covered and done all the heavy lifting aka hours and hours of research for you. This way, you get the most important facts about this aquarium kit and whether or not it’s for you.

4 Things You Need to Know About the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit

1. This Fish Tank Needs Little Space, Is an Eye-Catcher and Ready to Go

This kit includes a glass aquarium, a glass canopy, an adjustable filter including a filter cartridge, LED lights and a base.

The aquarium holds 5 gallons of water, which makes it large enough for a single betta fish to live a happy and healthy life. It has a sleek and elegant design and is made of sturdy glass that’s rounded at the corners.

It has the following dimensions: 9.5 in (24 cm) long, 9.5in wide including the filter compartment in the back and 17 in (43 cm) high including base and lights.

Because of its portrait format, it only needs a small space and can be put on a countertop or normal table. The portrait format also makes it possible for you to put in taller plants or decorations. Basically, everything you need to start setting up a beautiful new home for your finny friend is included in this kit.

2. The Adjustable Filter Makes It Suitable as a Betta Fish Tank

This aquarium kit features Marineland 3-stage hidden filtration with mechanical, biological and chemical filters. This keeps your aquatic environment clean and healthy for your finny friends. The filter cartridge and bio-foam are included in the kit.

The motor of the filter is quiet, which is an advantage for an aquarium sitting in a living room or bedroom. The filter system is contained in a compartment at the back of the aquarium and therefore hidden from view.

The flow of the filter pump can be adjusted according to the needs of your fish. This is especially important for betta fish since they generally prefer a gentle current.

For All the Nerds out There

The 3-stage filtration includes:

  • Mechanical Filtration: The filter cartridge floss screens out dirt and debris.
  • Chemical Filtration: Activated carbon inside the filter cartridge removes odors, discolorations, and impurities.
  • Biological Filtration: The Bio-Foam creates a large 3-dimensional area for cultivating aerobic bacteria which eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite.

And this is how you change the flow of the filter. You have to unplug the pump and remove it from the filter chamber in the back of the tank. On the front of the pump is a dial you can use to turn the flow down or up. The lowest setting is 35gph (gallons per hour) and the highest is 75gph.

3. Lights Illuminate Your Little Aquatic Treasure

Included in this kit are bright white and blue energy-efficient LED lights that go on top of the tank. The whole light construction can be flipped back easily. This way, you can access the tank conveniently.

A 3-way switch enables you to choose between a shimmering light in the water that mimics sunlight underwater, a relaxing moonlight glow or a mixture of both. On top of providing your fish with light and illuminating your tank, the LED lamps also help your aquarium plants to grow.

4. The Sliding Glass Cover on Top Provides Protection and Convenience

The tank has a solid glass canopy on top that protects your finny friends from dirt and outside disturbances and keeps your betta fish safely inside its home. This is an important feature for a betta fish tank.

As a result, curious felines can only watch, but not touch. And if you happen you keep lively fish that have the ability to jump – as betta fish do – the cover prevents them from jumping out of the aquarium.

You can slide the canopy back and forth easily and create an opening. This opening is large enough to make feeding and water care convenient.

This slideable glass cover is, in fact, a feature that’s unique to the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit. Other comparable aquariums only have plastic lids that aren’t slideable.

From the Arrival of the Package to My Fish Swimming Happily in It – What to Do?

Included in the box:

  • a glass fish tank
  • a slideable glass canopy
  • a base for the tank
  • LED lights
  • a filter system with a filter cartridge and bio-foam
  • a manual

You then have to assemble the single parts, which should be relatively quick and easy. The manual contains clear instructions for this. Even though a base is included for the tank, you can also put it directly on a table or another flat surface without the base.

Another issue that especially owners of betta fish should consider is that you might need to buy an aquarium heater. This is not included in the package. Betta fish prefer a water temperature of about 75°F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C). That means unless your betta tank is at a place with well-regulated and rather warm temperatures all year round, you should get an extra heater.

What Else to Consider for Happy Fish

After setting the fish tank up according to the instructions, you can add some nice plants or decorations. This way you can make your new aquatic treasure even more beautiful and interesting and, most importantly, turn it into a happy home for your fish. Depending on what kind of fish you are planning to keep, you should do a little research on the habitats of your future aquatic friends and decorate your fish tank accordingly.

It’s generally a good idea to do some research and prepare before getting pets. This way, you can provide for them as well as possible and they will thrive and give you many years of company and joy.

One note of caution: After setting up a new aquarium completely, it’s important to let sit for a few days before adding fish. You should let the new environment settle for a few days, as it has to balance out before being ready to house your aquatic pet.

What Other Fish Parents Said

Users are generally very satisfied with this fish tank, which explains the high ratings. Many users pointed out the advantages of the silent filter, the nice aesthetics of this aquarium as well as the bonus of the small space it needs. The good value for money was also a bonus point for many users. Another thing that users said is that the glass doesn’t distort the look of the fish, except for minimal distortions at the corners.

One weak point that was mentioned by some users is the back area of the fish tank where the filter sits. It seems that this area is rather difficult to access and clean and the plastic cover that covers up the back area is quite flimsy and not exactly pretty. Because of this, it would be advisable to put the tank into a place where its back is not so easily visible, for example against a wall.

Most users that keep betta fish in this tank are happy with it. A few of them mentioned that the flow of the filter might still be too strong for some bettas even at its lowest setting. It really depends on what your particular finny friend prefers. If the filter flow is still too strong for your betta even at its lowest, you could add a pre-filter sponge or put a betta hammock leaf in front of the filter outflow to gentle the flow even more.

Preciously Verdict

In a nutshell, the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit gives you what you need to set up a betta fish tank that provides a cozy home for your finny friend and is pleasing to the eyes but only takes up a small space.

The kit provides you with a glass fish tank, a filter, and lights. Included is also a slideable glass canopy which makes this aquarium stand out in comparison to other similar ones.

The quality is generally good. It’s quite quick and easy to set up and ready to house your aquatic pets. Its main week spot is the rather flimsy and not so easy to clean filter compartment in the back.

This kit is the right choice for you if you want a great value, stylish, good quality aquarium that’s more affordable than other comparable products. It definitely makes a good betta fish tank. It’s also suitable for new fish parents who are getting their feet wet for the first time.

If you’d like to look at other options before making a decision, you can check out this article on the best betta fish tanks.

And if you prefer an aquarium with a landscape format that’s an even more awesome betta fish tank than this one and are ready to spend a bit more money, the Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit could be the one for you.

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