Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit Review – A Fish Tank as Art

You’re passionate about your finny friend swimming happily in a stylish, beautiful environment. And naturally, you want your aquatic treasure to become the center of attention in your living room. In this case, the Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit might be the right choice for your aquarium dream to come true.

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve done all the research needed to give you the most important facts you need to know about this aquarium kit. Keep on reading and you’ll get the information you need to help you decide whether it’s for you or not.

3 Features That Make the Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit a Star

1. This Fish Tank Is an Eye-Catcher and Includes What You Need for Your Personal Aquatic Paradise

The kit includes a curved glass aquarium, LED lights and an adjustable filter.

The aquarium is just stunning to look at. It puts your little finny friends into the beautiful setting they deserve. The tank is made of high-quality glass that’s 5mm thick and ultra-transparent. The front side is curved. This way, your view of the aquarium is widened and it looks larger than it is.

The tank size is 8 gallons, but because of the rock décor included, it holds 6 gallons of water.

These are its dimensions: 19 in (48 cm) long, 11.8 in (30 cm) wide at the bottom, 8.7 in (22 cm) wide at the top and 9.6 in (24 cm) high without the lights. Because of its curved form, it’s wider at the bottom than at the top.

The fish tank has an undetachable rock décor on its backside. This means you don’t even have to buy extra rocks for your aquatic pets to hide, rest and explore. If you want to, you can also grow grass on the rocks and give your aquarium a greener background.

You don’t need a stand. You can put the tank directly on a flat surface. A cushion pad is attached to the bottom of the tank to prevent sliding.

2. The Filter Is Adjustable to the Needs of Your Aquatic Pets and Is Easy to Clean

The quiet filter sits in a small, square opening in the right corner at the back of the fish tank behind the rock decor. The dimensions of this opening are 2.2 in (5.6 cm) by 2.6 in (6.6 cm).

Because the filter compartment of the Hygger Horizon is hidden inside the rock décor, it’s basically invisible. This definitely looks better in comparison to most other aquariums that also have a specific built-in compartment to house the filter.

The filter contains carbon and poly fiber floss media. You can take out and take apart the filter for easy cleaning. It’s also easy to buy and change filter media.

You can adjust the flow of the filter pump depending on the needs and preferences of your fish. If you have water critters that don’t mind a stronger flow, you can also make water curtains for a miniature waterfall effect with this filter.

3. Treat Your Eyes to an Aesthetic Feast with the Variable Lighting

The Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit includes LED lights that have 3 different light modes and 5 levels of brightness you can choose from. You can also set the time of lighting between 3hours, 6hours or 12hours. All the settings can be changed easily with the wired remote control.

The LED lights are attached to an extendable bracket that sits on top of the fish tank. It’s a good quality light that would survive if you accidentally drop it into the water. But it’s obviously not made for use underwater.

Something to Watch Out For

Despite its gorgeous looks and high quality, this aquarium does have a drawback that especially owners of non-aquatic pets or lively and jumpy fish should consider. It doesn’t come with a lid and you can’t buy an extra lid for it, either.

This means, if you have other pets, especially curious cats, then this fish tank isn’t for you. (Unless you know from experience that your feline has never shown any interest in aquariums.)

Also, its open-top style means that it can be used as a betta fish tank, but isn’t ideal. Betta fish should ideally be kept in an aquarium with a cover. That’s because they have the ability to jump a few inches high and might jump out of an open fish tank.

If you do choose this aquarium for your betta fish, you should keep the water level lower. Leaving a gap of approx. 3 in between the water level and the upper rim of the fish tank should be sufficient to keep your betta fish safely in their wet home.

And make sure to create the best possible environment for your finny friend. If they like their home, they’ll be happy to stay.

From the Arrival of the Package to My Fish Swimming Happily in It – What to Do?    

This kit comes in a very secure multi-protection packaging with 3 layers. Included in the box is a curved glass fish tank, LED lights and a filter with filter media as well as a user guide.

Setting up the aquarium for use is very easy and done quickly. The user guide contains clear instructions for this.

Because of the rock décor that’s tightly attached to the backside of the tank, you don’t have to buy extra rocks. You can also grow grass on the rock décor if you want to. Naturally, you can add whatever other decorations or water plants you prefer depending on the kind of water creatures you plan on keeping.

Also Good to Know

For certain fish that prefer to be in constantly warm water, you should get a heater. A heater is not included in the set.

If you choose to add a heater, a good spot to place it would be underneath the rock décor since it doesn’t cover the entire backside of the fish tank. There is an approx. 3 in wide gap between the rock and the bottom of the tank. You could place the heater there horizontally.

It’s important to note that you have to let the fish tank settle for a few days after you’ve set it up completely. You should add fish or other aquatic pets only after that settling period.

Preciously Verdict

The Hygger Horizon Aquarium Kit is a beautiful aquarium what’s well made with high-quality materials. It makes a stylish and eye-catching home for your aquatic pets. Because of its design, it’s bound to become a centerpiece of your home or office.

In addition, it also includes all the parts you need to set up an elegant new aquarium quickly and easily. The fish tank with attached rock décor, filter and lights are all included and ready to go.

This aquarium kit is for you if you want an open-top style, stunning, well-designed, easy to set up, all-inclusive set and are ready to treat your finny friends and splurge a little on a more high-end fish tank.

It’s not for you if a fish tank cover is an important feature for you.

If you prefer a more affordable, but great value for money aquarium kit that has a nice, slideable glass lid, needs very little space and would make a much better betta fish tank, we’d recommend the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit.

And if you’re interested in finding a great home for betta fish and want to see more options, take a look at the best betta fish tanks available.

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