About Us

Your pets brighten your days and bring love, joy, fun and magic into your life. They’re your sunshine on rainy and cloudy days and warm your heart during even the coldest and bleakest winter.

Your animal companions give you unconditional love no matter who you are. They don’t care about your looks, your job, your education, what car you drive or the number of your social media followers. When it comes to your pets, you can just be yourself and have the certainty that you are always loved and accepted the way you are.

Naturally, you want to return their love and affection by caring and providing for them in the best way you can. We created Preciously Pets for animal and pet lovers like you to help you care for your beloved home critters in the best way possible. In addition to that, we also provide you with information for you to know and understand your furry, finny or feathery best friends even better.

As Preciously Pets came together, we realized that there many different kinds of animal companions that choose to brighten the days of their humans. For this reason, we decided to include a great variety of pets. Whether you are the proud servant of a purring goddess, the loyal companion of a yapping puppy or a devoted admirer of aquatic beauties, Preciously Pets is here to provide you with tips, tricks and recommendations that will help you to care for your pets and make them happy. You know when they’re happy, you’re happy too.

We also enjoy making recommendations when we find products that we think are really awesome and useful. Sometimes we make a commission from those recommendations, but we only recommend products we believe will add magic and a nice sprinkle of fairy dust to the lives of your pets and your life.